Thanks to a $300,000, five year commitment made by the Foundation, Lauderdale School’s fondly dubbed ‘Oilers Kindergarten’ provides a space where children can interact with peers and teachers, increase social skills and build literacy and numeracy competencies. “We know that by the time children are five years old, their brains are 75% developed,” said Sandra Woitas, Director of the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation.  "All the learning that’s going to follow will help them get ready, set and continue to grow.” Through this contribution, Lauderdale can provide the necessary means to ensure our youngest learners will be awarded every opportunity to reach their full academic potential. When children live in vulnerable circumstances and do not have access to equal opportunity for healthy growth and development, their future is at risk. “This is the starting point and the beginning of a great foundation,” remarked Lauderdale School Principal, Dorothy Arts.

In addition to Oilers Kindergarten at Lauderdale School, the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation has continued to support Full-Day Kindergarten in the Capital Region by committing to fund another full-day kindergarten at Princeton School.