PHOTO GALLERY | WATCH: A New Chapter for Abbottsfield

The Abbottsfield community is an engaged family neighborhood with strong ties to its community recreation facility. In the spring of 2011, the City of Edmonton recognized a need to revitalize the area, starting with the hub of the community: The Abbottsfield Recreation Centre. The original facility, which was operated by the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre Society, was a vital piece of the community, serving one of the highest need neighborhoods in Edmonton.
The City of Edmonton made a commitment to fund the redevelopment of this important community centre. City Council approved $1.5 million along with the contribution of $5 million of MSI funding from the Government of Alberta for design and contribution of the new facility, and $300,000 from the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre Society.
The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation partnered with the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre Society to provide $1.5 million over four years to support programs, operations and the purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment for the facility.
The $6.8 million facility opened in September 2014, including a gymnasium, kitchen, multi-purpose room and an outdoor play space.

The redevelopment of the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre was a perfect fit for the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation, who has a strong commitment to community projects that focus on education, health and wellness for youth.