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Name: Andrea

Hometown: Edmonton

Occupation: Student

Life goal: To learn something new every day

Favourite type of workout: I’m pretty competitive so I’m usually up for any sort of team sport. Most recently I started volleyball and am thinking about ice hockey!

Why do you love the game of hockey: I can’t remember a time I didn’t love hockey; some of my earliest memories involve watching Saturday Night Hockey with my dad on our little TV with the rabbit ears.

Something unique about you: I am a proud Alpha Gamma Delta!

Favourite place in Oil Country: Tabletop Cafe - I’m obsessed with board games.

Dream vacation: To watch a game in every NHL arena - so far I’m at 7!

Best concert I've ever been to: Train and Maroon 5.

Favourite food: Soft pretzels

Dream date: An afternoon at a cat café.

Prized possession: This beanie baby cat that I’ve had since I was in the second grade.

Words to live by: Live with purpose.

Describe your personal style: Cute and comfortable, with a touch of cats.

Why did you want to be part of the Octane: I had heard about Octane and decided to look into what it was all about, and fell in love with the idea of being on this team that does so many good things all around Oil Country.

Who inspires you: My grandmothers. They both are incredibly strong women who went through things in their lives I can’t even imagine and I’m blessed to be and have been loved by them.

What is your performance background: Years of musical theater.

Favourite quote: “Don’t let your mind stop you from having a good time” - Jason Mraz

If you were on a hockey team, what position would you be: I think I would make an excellent General Manager. I like to know what’s going on and be the one to call the shots.

Best part of being a member of the Octane: There are really no words to describe how being on the Octane has changed my life. There have been so many opportunities, from photo shoots to volunteering at a multitude of community events, that I never thought I would get to experience and for that I’m truly grateful.