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OTHER CONTESTS: Barrie Stafford Locker Room Tour

Left to Right: Tommy Salo, Jordan Eberle & Ryan Jones
93 jerseys have been given away to fans this week as the 2012-13 season gets going. Winning fans were able to select the jersey of their favourite Oiler from any era and the player will autograph that sweater for the fan. If a fan selects a player off the current roster, that player will sign the jersey and present it to the fan.

We ended up with three jerseys to give away right here at and Oilers fans told us, if you could have any Oilers jersey signed by any player in any era since the team entered the NHL in 1979 who would it be and why?

If you weren't one of the winners, don't worry there are still plenty of opportunities for you to win prizes. You could enter to win one of four locker room tours with Hall of Famer Barrie Stafford. Check back at on Monday also as we will have a draw to give away four Gold pairs of season tickets.

Here are our contest winners: 

Paige Armstrong - Tommy Salo
When I was nine my father had taken me to see the Oilers play Mighty Ducks. Being a little girl I was obviously cheering for the Ducks because what young girl doesn't like a team with a cute animal mascot? As I watched the game I started noticing how well Tommy Salo was playing. I was fascinated with his quick reflexes and ability to prevent the puck from entering the net. After that game I had decided to become a goalie for my ringette team. Over the few games I played in goal you could find me circling the net just like Tommy Salo.
I aspired to be like him but unfortunately one bad experience where my coach forgot the goalie pads and stick which prevened me from making saves left me crying and refusing to play in net again, pushing me towards becoming a forward and then later in life moving up to play center. My one bad experience made me realize I was not able to handle to emotional portion of being a goalie but what I did gain was a large amount of respect for other goaltenders. Ever since I was young I enjoyed watching Tommy Salo perform. I never had a chance to get his jersey at such a young age but this contest has given me the opportunity to be able to proudly wear his jersey at the outdoor rinks, at oiler games, and even around the office on game day.   
Lisa Gee - Ryan Jones
I watched Ryan play Junior B in Chatham Ontario and followed his career while he was in Ohio. Through hard work and determination he made his dream of becoming an NHL player a reality. His path to the NHL was not an easy one but he never gave up on that dream. I also admire his desire to make a difference for cancer patients by growing "the flow" and participating in the Movember movement. Ryan comes back to his stomping grounds in Chatham and helps other young hockey players learn skills to improve their game. He gives back to his hometown community and to the city of Edmonton selflessly. I would be honoured and proud to wear an Edmonton Oilers jersey with Ryan's name and number on the back!      
James Runge - Jordan Eberle
There are many reasons why I would choose Jordan Eberle as my favorite Edmonton Oilers player. Besides the obvious reasons of what Mr. Eberle has done for Team Canada on the international stage and the outstanding numbers he has put up since joining the Edmonton Oilers organization, there are more personal reasons for my choice.

Similar to Mr. Eberle, I was born and raised in Regina, SK. Being Canadian and a hockey fan but not living in an NHL market can be difficult but those us from Regina were born and raised Regina Pats fans. To see a hometown player play his way into the NHL from the Regina Pats organization is always a reason to celebrate. From the WHL All-Star team appearances to recording 50 goals and 100 points in the 2009/10 season to numerous awards (including WHL Player of the Year), how can any hockey fan in Regina not be an Eberle fan? One of the proudest moments for me as a Regina Pats fan came when Eberle was named CHL Player of the Year, beating out Tyler Seguin. He is only the 3rd Regina Pats player to win and the 1st winner since 1980.

High school hockey is a huge sport in Regina. Students always went to games and rivalries between high schools are common. Interestingly enough, Eberle attended one of the main rival high schools (Archbishop M.C. O’Neill) of my school (Winston Knoll Collegiate). One of my best friends attended M.C. O’Neill and to this day still comments how he went to the same high school as Jordan Eberle. I cannot really argue this point, but rather sit quietly in jealousy!

Away from hockey, I think Mr. Eberle also deserves praise and recognition for his involvement with the You Can Play campaign. The fight against homophobia is one all of us should share. The fight to rid the sporting world of homophobia is a difficult one and it is great to see a star player like Jordan Eberle recognize the importance of this campaign and throw his name and support behind it.
Living in Edmonton now, having watched and cheered on the career of Jordan Eberle from his playing days with the Regina Pats to his accomplishments with Team Canada to his recent successes with the Edmonton Oilers, nothing makes a fellow Regina-boy more proud! We may not have an NHL franchise in Regina, but we can say we produced one of the best International and NHL players this country will ever see! How can any hockey fan, from anywhere across the country, not like Jordan Eberle? I would be honored to be chosen as a lucky recipient of your contest and receive a Jordan Eberle jersey