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Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hometown: St. Albert, AB

Occupation/Profession: Nursing

Career Goal: I’m currently studying to be an LPN. When I graduate I want to receive my RN degree and then eventually attain my Masters in Nursing

Lifetime Goal: To get married, have kids, buy a house in the country and have a successful career

Favorite type of workout: Yoga and dance

Why do you love the game of Hockey: I love the excitement it creates and how passionate the fans in Edmonton are, we truly have the greatest fans in the NHL. Also the speed of the game and the talent we get to see

Best Characteristic: I get complimented on my eyes everywhere I go

What is something unique about you that most people don’t know: I am a great cook! I get it from my dad

Dream vacation: Cambria, California. It’s quiet and sleepy; a place where you can just relax and get away from daily stress

Favorite food: Pasta with arabiatta sauce and Parmesan cheese

Dream Date: Fly to Paris for dinner at the Eiffel Tower

Song that best describes you: Konstantine by Something Corporate

Describe your personal style: I’m a blonde Blair Waldorf. I love high fashion, dresses, skirts and anything super girly

Why do you want to be part of the Octane: We made history by being the first NHL cheer team in Canada! We also get to meet a lot of great people and do amazing things to help in and around Oil Country

Who is your idol: Audrey Hepburn

What is your performance background: I’ve been a cheerleader for 13 years

If money and time weren’t factors, what would you do: Travel the world

Best Memory as an Octane Member: We had a bonding weekend at the beginning of the season. It was so nice to see all members of the team, both rookies and vets, come together like we did